Over the last several decades, Florida’s court system has undergone numerous reorganizations. Up until 1957 Florida did not have district courts of appeal; however, the influx of new cases bombarding the Supreme Court resulted in the partitioning of Florida into five districts. Then, in 1973, the trial courts were overhauled to reduce the number and complexity, resulting in a simple two-tiered trial court system. Since then, the South Florida court system – from Palm Beach to Miami – hears a range of issues involving commercial litigation, corporate bankruptcy and more.

Fox Rothschild’s experienced team of trial litigators, including a Certified Circuit Civil Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court, represents clients in a wide range of individual, class action and multidistrict complex commercial litigation cases as well as intellectual property litigation and corporate bankruptcy matters. We tackle the intricate issues involved with civil procedure that are unique to South Florida courts, and structure our approach to obtain the best outcome for our clients. Our clients trust us to keep their best interests at the forefront while keeping them apprised of the latest rules and regulations affecting the South Florida courts.