The 2017 revisions to the A201 improves the Contractor’s ability to request and obtain financial information from the owner throughout the project. On most projects, Owner’s typically create a single purpose legal entity, usually an LLC, that owns the real property where construction takes place. The legal entity typically enters into the construction contract with the Contractor. The A201 recognizes that the entity entering in to the construction Contract on behalf of the Owner most likely has little or no assets. As such, it provides the Contractor with the ability to request reasonable evidence of the Owner’s ability to pay.

The 2017 revisions of Section 2.2 continues to allow the Contractor to request reasonable evidence (1) prior to commencement, (2) after failure to make a timely payment, (3) after a material change in the work that materially affected the contract sum, or (4) after identification of a reasonable concern over the Owner’s ability to pay. While the 2007 A201 did not impose an express timeline on the Owner or a consequence for the Owner’s failure to provide the reasonable evidence, the 2017 revision requires the Owner to provide the reasonable evidence within 14 days after the Contractor’s request. If the Owner fails to provide reasonable evidence within 14 days, the Contractor may stop work. If the request is made due to a change materially affecting the Contract sum, the Contractor may only stop the work related to the change. Significantly, the 2017 A201 expressly provides that the contract time and sum shall be increased by the amount of the Contractor’s reasonable costs and delay, plus interest. Given that Section 2.2 of the 2017 A201 has more “teeth” in favor of the Contractor, practitioners representing owners may want to consider revisions to Section 2.2 accordingly.

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