HSBC Bank avoided a potential attorney’s fee judgment when the trial judge deemed abandoned a borrower’s post-dismissal motion for costs and attorneys’ fees. In an opinion released this morning, Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal affirmed that ruling in the case of Domenic Grosso a/k/a Domenic L. Grosso v. HSBC Bank USA, N.A., 4

Florida Statute § 61.16 authorizes courts to award attorney’s fees “after considering the financial resources of both parties.” Section 61.16 permits a court to award only a “reasonable amount of attorney’s fees.” This reasonableness requirement applies to both attorney’s fees and costs associated with litigation during a divorce. The critical issue for the court is

Florida courts continue to issue interesting and informative opinions about awards of costs and attorney’s fees in construction lien cases.  Most recently, Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal issued an en banc opinion in the consolidated cases of Richard O. Wolfe, II and H. Michelle Wolfe v. Culpepper Constructors, Inc., Case No. 2D10-3228 and