Pleased to announce that Fox Rothschild has published  a “National Survey on Marijuana in the Workplace and Drug Testing Laws,” this state-by-state guide will help businesses navigate complex and sometimes thorny issues regarding medical marijuana use by employees and employee drug testing issues. This survey was prepared by myself and Joseph A. McNelis

23 states, plus the District of Columbia and Guam permit some form of medical marijuana use.  And, there are various medical marijuana ballot provisions, including currently in Florida, which likely will lead to more states permitting medical marijuana after this November’s election.

Despite the overwhelming change of law at the state level, federal law

Medical marijuana, which narrowly failed to pass (with 58% support, less than the 60% required) in 2014, will be back on the 2016 ballot.  The group supporting the medical marijuana initiative has now collected the required number of verified signatures.


Most experts expect the medical marijuana initiative to pass this time around since it

In addition to the second round of efforts to pass medical marijuana in Florida, now there are three petitions circulating to legalize recreational marijuana.

The Florida Cannabis Act includes the following language meant to provide insulation to employers with drug free workplace policies:  “Nothing in this section is intended to require an employer to