Pleased to announce that Fox Rothschild has published  a “National Survey on Marijuana in the Workplace and Drug Testing Laws,” this state-by-state guide will help businesses navigate complex and sometimes thorny issues regarding medical marijuana use by employees and employee drug testing issues. This survey was prepared by myself and Joseph A. McNelis

The answer appears to be yes (I did 30 seconds of Google research to find peacocks flying), peacocks can fly but not on United.

As a follow up to my recent post regarding Delta airlines tightening up its emotional support animal (“ESA”) policy, one of my colleagues alerted me to a news story about an

I’ve been posting about the problems companies face when a customer wants to bring in a fake service dog, see my recent posts here, here and here.

One of the biggest issues for companies is figuring out which dogs are fake service dogs and which dogs are real service dogs without running afoul